Content Marketing

Content is king. Connect with your audience, become an authority, and reap those sweet SEO benefits with a thoughtful content marketing strategy.

Digital Advertising

PPC. Display. Remarketing. Social. Get in front of the right people with targeted digital advertising campaigns.

Email Marketing

Truth is stranger than fiction. Does it come as a surprise that email marketing is still among the most effective ways to reach your customers?

Growth Hacking

Ready to get experimental? Totally reconfigure your digital existence to optimize for conversion. Track, measure, tweak, and measure again.

User Experience

User experience (UX) can be the difference between incredible traction and totally-acceptable-but-not-impressive growth. Remove friction for happy users.

Video Marketing

There's no better way to engage an audience than with video. Communicate complex ideas with animation or show some humans with a moving testimonial.



More than Marketing

It all begins with your business.

We want to understand your dreams and aspirations. Your fears and uncertainties. We want to know about your products and services, and the mechanics of your operations. By immersing ourselves in your business, we unlock creative ways to move you closer to your goals.

We’re not a vendor of off-the-shelf marketing products, but experts in using technology to grow businesses. LunarCannon was born from the application of Digital Marketing strategies to hit real performance milestones in the high-stakes tech startup world. Results matter to us.

Our strategies are built from a combination of proven and experimental tactics that best fit your unique situation. Give us a shout if this sounds interesting to you.



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