I started LunarCannon to provide marketing services to a curated selection of great organizations. This means if I’m working with you, it’s because I believe in you and your business, and know that I can provide value.

Clients work with me for my unique approach to marketing that accounts for the totality of a business, rather than simply focusing on specific tactics or creative.

You’ll find me looking to understand aspects of your business that seem unrelated to the project at hand. I recognize that our relationship doesn’t end with the delivery of a product video or publishing of a website; these are pieces that help run a much larger machine.

Product & Brand Videos

I have helped tech companies of all sizes communicate the benefits of their products through thoughtfully crafted animated videos as well as the occasional live-action production. Videos have a way of communicating complex concepts like no other content type and make for incredibly effective sales tools when paired with the right strategy.

Send me a note if you're looking to incorporate video as part of your marketing or sales strategy.


LunarCannon is a product video vendor for Dealer.com, the leading automotive digital marketing solution in the United States. We produce animated videos that break down complex software for non-technical dealership staff.


LunarCannon produced a marketing video for Clubhouse Software featuring its founders explaining their motivations behind the platform. We worked closely with Clubhouse to understand their business and product to present a compelling narrative.


LunarCannon was hired to create a product video for the Mocospace mobile app on the Google Play store. Mocospace is one of the leading mobile social gaming platforms in the Latin American market.


This is the first in a series of product testimonial videos for Cox Automotive, featuring a dealership client in Indiannapolis. We worked with Cox Automotive to construct a narrative that aligned with their product messaging.

Content Strategy

I always advise clients to consider a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that involves devloping a variety of supporting content for use across all appropriate channels. This content should always map back to a specific goal or purpose, and have relevant, tracked KPIs to measure success.

Together we can develop a unified, goal-focused content strategy for your organization and a gameplan to implement it.

Web Design & Development

The websites I help design and build are always anchored upon a foundation based on usability, speed, and harmony with larger business and marketing goals. For larger projects, I leverage my connections with top-tier dev talent that can help make anything happen.